So much… and it’s only Wednesday!

An update on my How to Write Short Stories Progress.

In short?  I’ve gone mad.  Stark raving bonkers mad.  HA!

Originally I had set out to create three stories in the Wandalucia world as a neat addition to my romance novel.  And I still plan on writing those.

But as I was going through Lesson Three (where we start the actual writing of our stories) I had this cool idea.  See, Holly challenges you to do a 3000 word story.  It’s one of the homework assignments.  Well, my short stories were 10k to 12k.  That’s up to 4 times longer so…  Yeah.

I thought, ‘hey, these ghostly ideas you’ve been having would be awesome to create an anthology for’ and I now have five of those ideas in a Scrivener file.   I can do them in 3k, perfect for this course.  I even have just under 900 words done on the first story.

So on top of my romance novel (I am also waiting to hear back from my beta reader tonight so that I can incorporate her notes into the book, fixing any issues she might have found before sending it off to my bug hunters) and three matching romance stories between 10k and 12k words long, I now have 15k words worth of ghost/paranormal stories to write thanks to the Short Stories course.  Oh my goodness.

I also have to finish the 220 pages of Sketchbook Summer (currently on page 157) by the 31st of July, update my personal website, and start catching up to the housework (we have people coming over early next month; I’ve been slacking and I want to catch up but give myself ample time to do so).

This week I have edited two podcast episodes (one was under 15 mins though!), created social shareables and Instagram Stories for them, created two posts with Show Notes that have been edited too many times to count, created the finalized artwork for episodes and the sites, and went through about 50 themes for the website.  Submitted the podcasts for approval to a handful of sites…  Which, by the way, if you’re interested you can find us on iTunes  |  Stitcher  |  Podbean   There were other things I accomplished to do with the podcast but I honestly cannot remember.  Most of this was done on Monday.

I had an appointment with an OBGYN regarding my infertility issues that went really, really well.  That’s not something I tend to cover in my writing blog, I think I’ve mostly shared about it on my art blog and Facebook.  I spent two hours working on the art piece for my favorite facebook group (this week’s challenge was The Flintstones and I’ve done traditional sketches and a digital piece that was cute lol).  And then I spent about an hour writing up the first scene of the first ghost story.

So that catches me up to today.  My husband has just left for work (for the second time today) and I’ll be moving on to writing the – hopefully – rest of the first draft of the story, aiming to keep it at exactly 3k.  I’ll be working in tens so that for every 40 minutes or writing I then clean up for ten, then come back to writing.



* As always, Holly’s links are affiliate links and will never charge you extra because of this. However you can easily Google Holly’s Writing Classes to find all of her courses.   Our Alone in the Room with Invisible People podcast link is non-affiliate.  You can follow us on Instagram and Facebook.  The link to the Sketchbook Summer page is also non-affiliate.  You can also find them on Instagram and Facebook.

So much… and it’s only Wednesday!

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