Finished Another Ghost Story

I finished another one of my ghost stories for my anthology I’ve been writing.  I’ll revise it tomorrow and then send to my mom.  She’s looking forward to this one as I might have hyped it a bit and told her I was excited for her to read it.  Hope it’s good lol!

I want to have all stories done by next week, and then I’ll work on the formatting and cover, then up on Amazon!  I’m excited!  This will be the first self-published thing I’ll have under my own name that isn’t my non-fiction Etsy book from, whoa, like 7 years ago, ha!

I’m still struggling with a name for this story.  It’s funny how they just pop out at you sometimes and yet others take forever to come.  In fact, Matt came up with “Leaving Wandalucia” for the book that is now on a slush pile awaiting judgement.

Oh, jeez, that’s right!  I forgot to even come on here and mention that I submitted it!  HA! August 9th, before 3pm.  As my husband was rushing to get ready I finally got all my crap together with my mom’s help and submitted it.  And now?  I’m not stressing it.  I’m shocked.  It was scary, sure, and I’m a bit terrified of a rejection letter, even though I’ve gotten them before.  But that’s just how it goes.  Part of the price we pay as writers.

So now I’m off to look at my massive to do list and find something I can get done before I get back to work.  Maybe clean.  Work will be either another story or working on one of the many, MANY art pieces I have on my master art list that I need to finish.

Check out the Podcast, Alone In A Room with Invisible People if you haven’t already.  Our newest episode is now my favorite, but that’s been the case every week I think!

And today was day one of Clomid, the Dreaded Double Dose.  Yeesh.  Also, this has been a particularly bad period this week, so uuuuuugggghhh.  Maybe it will all be worth it.  Fingers crossed.  Either way I had a moment of artistic inspiration today on some fertility pieces I can create.

Finished Another Ghost Story

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