Starting the book

I am planning on doing a complete book from plotting to revision starting today (although I had two days of work previously, a few months back) and ending by December 31st.

What I already had: Brock’s bio.  Angie’s mother’s bio (lol, don’t ask).  Two scene ideas, one theme and a couple notes on what to keep in mind during the writing of the book.  The setting I have from writing Leaving Wandalucia.  I am currently waiting to hear back from Harlequin regarding the possibility of publication, so cross your fingers for me, THANKS!  Ha!

So today I wrote and finished up two bios (Angie and the antagonist), created a simple background bio for a secondary character who is the future love interest for book three, found another two themes, found my ending which is AMAZING and rarely happens right away for me, and got several additional scene ideas.  I also got in about 45 minutes of research, which opened up one of the themes, the antagonist and the ending.  Research, people, holy crap.  It’s fun, educational and amazing.

The plan tomorrow is to create a simple bio for the other secondary character that will be the heroine for book three and then start and finish my (roughly) four page outline.  It’s something I learned from Syd Field (I know, I mention him a lot) and I continue to use to this day.  I have the older version of the Screenwriter’s Workbook and I learned a bunch from it.

And I think this song perfectly encapsulates what I want to show with my romance novels.  It definitely makes me think of the early years of my relationship and marriage to my amazing husband.  Because we do have the kind of love it takes to fix things.


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Starting the book

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