54 Scene Cards aaaaand STOP!

Today my goal was to get all of my scene cards done.  BUT as I was filling them out my muse kept telling me to leave a few blank for her.  So I listened!

While writing these cards out I would find sequences that fit together within the story (working from my four page treatment) and put a series of cards together.  This is how it normally works with me.  But I was a lot more… loose than I normally am.  Which is great.  Maybe for me an indication of growth as a writer is not having to plan each and every scene.  And I’ve always gone with better ideas as I’ve had them, so this is kind of allowing the space to form those ideas.  I am excited as it takes courage and confidence to began to break away from the comfort of habit that might also become stale and uninspiring.

Finishing my cards today means I get to start on the novel tomorrow!!  I’m so excited, I can’t express it (not great for a writer, ha!).  This was planned for MONDAY, so I’m two work days early!  Saturday and Sunday (my dedicated podcast day) are supposed to be days off for the writing, but we’ll see how it goes.

So that’s it today.  About 2 hours of work, 54 cards total for 58 scenes, all approximately 1200 words a piece.  A chapter is four scenes, sometimes 5 if it’s super short.

See you tomorrow!

54 Scene Cards aaaaand STOP!

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