Be flexible!

Gotta be flexible with my husband’s hours! LOL! I am learning that making time with him a priority means scheduling all sorts of nutty hours.

He’s home early today which means I got about half my goal done today. Had about an hour and 15 minutes to write and got 1329 words, the first scene and the start of the second. That is decent writing for me, almost average. It makes up for bad days.

Usually when I’m running tens with my mom I get good word counts, so it’s nice to see I can do it without the tens too ;) All of Leaving Wandalucia but one or two days was written doing tens with her.

Typically my goal is 2400 words a day, at least five days a week. Bottom line acceptable on rushed, half or weird days is 1200/one scene.

See you all tomorrow!

Be flexible!

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