Forgot to blog about this! Oh no!

3181 done on 11/26.

Reconfiguring goals is part of my freaking life – and that is okay.  And if you’re listening to the podcast I host with Holly Lisle, Alone in a Room with Invisible People, you’ve been following my vacillation – with possible  amusement.

So much in my very recent life has taken longer than I wanted it to.  Then new stuff gets thrown on top of that, add in the time I spent on the screenplay (when I allowed myself to get distracted, which you would have also heard about in the podcast) and I had done nothing else on the book since the last time.

Let’s add some more, shall we? I’m stubborn (gee, I wonder where I get that from *headdesk* my mother, of course) and I don’t like change. So when I set the deadline for the book ,I stuck with it in my head. The more days that passed, the more the total of words per day added up.

So I figure I can either be insane and work at more than 10K a day or I can just adjust.  Now, at a different time of year the 10K or more a day is a fun challenge.  I’ve done the 3 Day Novel.  In fact, I’ve got the stickers to prove that I have completed it three or four times.  It’s fun!  But the end of the year?  With holidays, commissions, a trip and my current mental health state – on antidepressants, dealing with anxiety and seeing a therapist?  Nope.

I think so many people think if they don’t hit self-imposed deadlines they’re failures.


They failed to hit the deadline. But the only way to be a failure is to allow that to stop you.

So I am biting the bullet and accepting that as much as I want to hit that arbitrary deadline, it is arbitrary. I have the time and space in my life to work with a new one. I won’t always. So I need to take advantage of the time I have. We have a roughly 5 or 6 day trip coming up right around the holidays as well, and that’s going to be stressful, so I need to kind of be gentle with myself, especially with everything mentioned above.  Just because you can do something and it’s been fun in the past, does not mean it’s the right time to rinse and repeat.

I am shooting to finish the first draft in about 17 days (starting from 11-26).

Because my draft for LW came out at under the 70k (I think it was something like 56k) I am looking at hitting about 50k, but will GLADLY go over if I need. At the moment my plan is to write 3000 words a day, what I can usually comfortably fit into my days. This might grow if I am consistently doing more but only slightly (so much covered in this new episode of the podcast, 16 Bad Habits Writers Have, and I am trying to be mindful of it all!).

As far as the editing goes, I am shooting for eight weeks. Because I have to take into account the trip, the holidays, two commissions and a goal planning workshop for myself (and possibly running a second one, this for the art group I am in) I am thinking that if the first draft is done in 17 days, that will be December 12th. So 2 months from that will be leading into the second week of February. I have art covers for Holly to do and those are a priority in 2019. I’m thinking that 2 months is doable.

This might adjust for a cool down period for the finished rough draft, so if I give it two weeks to cool, I’m looking at the end of February or the beginning of March being when this book is finished all the way through revision.

So… there.  The update.  HA!  Look for another post today with my word count.  Also, just FYI, but the love interest has already made me tear up and I am only 2 damn chapters in!  FFS!

Forgot to blog about this! Oh no!

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