Lessons Learned!

Today’s word count is 3096!  I was done in about 2 hours, which was slower than the previous two days, but I had a lot to work in.

First I was writing from a character I hadn’t written in yet, and I needed to get a feel for him as he’ll be the love interest in book 3.  That was fun but a small challenge.  I’ve written up just a small amount for him.  He’s mentioned in Leaving Wandalucia and I have a paragraph or two covering a small basic of his past.  It was interesting seeing how much he hates Brock, but fitting for his character.

Second, I had a lot from the lessons I learned taking the How to Revise Your Novel Course coming through (not an affiliate link at the moment as Holly’s AP is still being reworked and updated).  I had moments where my muse was telling me “This has to matter, note that” and asking before writing what were the important things in a scene to cover.

Or is that left brain working with my muse?  I don’t know.  Maybe I’ll remember to ask Holly in the next podcast.

Either way, it was a good writing session.  I also did something I don’t remember having done before.  After the first two scenes were written, I skipped a scene, wrote half of the next scene, then went back to write the first half of the previous one.  I’m usually very linear and it wasn’t running to a candy bar scene.  It was just something I wanted to get down first.

On to the rest of my day.  Writing done first again.  Creating good habits, breaking bad ones.

(If you haven’t listened to our most recent episode on 16 Bad Habits that Writers Have, you might want to; just recording it has motivated me a lot.)

Lessons Learned!

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