The Research Black Hole

Ha, even after having recorded a full episode of the podcast on research and the most recent 16 Bad Habits Writers Have episode, I still got sucked into maybe 30 to 45 minutes of researching disabilities and syndromes that cause limb loss from birth.  I want to get this stuff accurate, but I also want to write and get it done during my best hours to do so. I need to remind myself to research after I write.

I got 3197 done (originally I thought it was 3148, but then I remembered a scene I started from the antagonists POV) and that felt amazing to get to.  It was slow writing today and also dealing with interruptions and a break (I typically make lunch for my husband and spend a little time with him before he leaves for work) meant I didn’t finish my writing until around 5pm.  The research didn’t help, and neither did my big baby:

Screen Shot 2018-11-29 at 6.19.20 PM

She and her brother were playing cat tag (and eventually got one of my dogs, Shiny, involved) in which I was Base & Safe.  So most of the time she came running to me and Ollie would wait, but Ollie jumped up twice himself.  If they weren’t playing tag, she was either cuddling or sleeping which meant many, many pats on the face – her indicator for come closer so I can lick your face too hard (a bit of a special needs kitty).  HA!  I love my babies.

So despite interruptions, research and distractions I hit my word count of 3k (and a little more) which has me super, duper happy.

Now I’m off to do chores, a little minimizing, clean and knit.  Which honestly also makes me a little happy.

The Research Black Hole

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