Today was a bit rough.  Had a session with the therapist today and it got me thinking.  Which is the point.  Ha.  But still…

Anyway, I spent some time with the hubs.  He had a fire call almost immediately after getting home from work last night.  I think he had to run out around one am (he usually gets home between 12:45 and 1, but his schedule is changing a bit) and then didn’t get home until 5:30, bed at 6am.  House fire.

I love my volunteer fire fighter, but knowing he’s one of the ones that is trained to go inside the homes leaves for a terrified wife.  I didn’t even get into that with the therapist.

He called me at 4:15 to let me know he was okay, but that he had to do something else before coming home.  Luckily once he called, I fell asleep, feeling much better.  Then up at 9am.

So the writing didn’t get done first thing in the morning, or even second or third.   I hung out with my man, made him lunch and saw him off, then started writing.

I’m heading up a Ten Minute Timer Challenge at, but it’s not to just write for ten minutes a day (unless that’s all you have).  It’s to set a timer for each time you write.  It just helps focus.

Today I did ten sessions of the timer.  3106 words.  But holy crap.  During the not ten minute parts I was running all over doing other things: laundry, nap for a headache (and, let’s face it, very little sleep) dealing with animals, etc.

Today was really tough to keep the words coming, but not in a muddy way or uninspired way.  It was in a story way.  I’d have to think when not doing a ten.  I’d do three in a row, take a break.  Two in a row, take another break, think.  I’m trying to find ways to connect the cards and use the story I’m building now and it’s working.  I just have to focus and  find areas of the story to pull from to add depth to scenes as well as tie in the new stuff.

Off to work on something else.  Not sure what just yet.


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