Leaving Wandalucia

Early this year I was going through a bit of a crisis with Glass House. I had fallen in love with this book and the stories that would follow for another 7 books.  I didn’t want to risk my mother’s history with traditional publication by taking that route with them.

Why?  Because even if they were successful, a publishing house could feel they weren’t successful enough and cancel the series, forcing me (as my mother had to do decades before) to wrap up the series early.  And worse?  They’d have the rights to the world for many, many years.  Decades, even.

Um… Fuck that.  Not only are there 8 books I want to write in the Glass House series, but many, many more follow that entire WORLD.  I want to write so many in these different connected towns full of mystery and magic that I’ve created and dreamed of since I was 19.  I can’t imagine someone else holding the legal rights to my dreamworld.

However, I had made that promise to my husband that I would submit a novel to a traditional publisher.  So what was I to do?

I put aside Glass House and focused on getting back into writing romance.  This time, Suspenseful Romance.  I love the very wide genres of romance and erotica, despite all the shit they catch and the sometimes less than stellar books out there.

On March 6th I started plotting here and there.  Then forgot about it until the 31st.  I started writing it on the 31st.  Finished it on April 19th, missing only one day of writing in that time!  I took 4 days off and started revisions on April 23rd.

I cannot be grateful enough for the course, How to Revise Your Novel.  I know, if you follow me on Instagram you have seen my hashtags and yes, I am mentioning it again.

Thanks to that INSANELY in depth course I handed off my book to my content editor on July 6th.  He sent me back his comments over the weekend (he doesn’t actually WORK weekends, but I think his schedule was wonky).  I opened them today and instead of the week long slog I was anticipating fixing all of my errors and plot-holes and poorly developed storylines or characters – I spent less than two hours.

This credit is given to the course, 100%.

The How to Revise Your Novel course was very literally the hardest and most insightful (at times infuriating) course I have ever taken.  It was the hardest task I have ever given to myself.  At times you’re wondering how in the world what you’re doing will relate to the book or even how in the world you can REPAIR this book.  Because you get so damn close to the subject, you’re torn, thinking your book is crap and you should just start over.

That’s not the case.  You rebuild after you tear down.  And it’s amazing.

I have my first two readers in love with the story and characters.  So I have only one issue left to work on before sending it out to my bug hunters on the 28th.  I pushed aside the sex scenes focusing on the story itself.  This was important, I wanted the characters to be lovable, the story compelling and the sex, hot, yes, but I needed the story to be right before I could work out the sex.

Strange, because I’ve never needed that before!

So I have roughly two weeks to ‘work out the kinks’ in the intimacy department and my bug hunters will receive my novel!  I am so excited and nervous!

I’ve started plotting book two (started on the 7th of July LOL) and I’ll be sharing my methods here.

Looking forward to submitting this new book.  The working title is from my content editor, Matt Turano (from MattContentEdits not an affiliate link) :

Leaving Wandalucia.


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Leaving Wandalucia